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Family Owned Christian accompaniment tracks

The Saunders Family Creating Gospel music since 1994.

Background history of Christian Music

Gospel music has rich tradition that is rooted deeply in the Christian church. The music ministry is the precedent for providing a fertile ground for the Word of God to be planted in the heart of the congregation. Dating back to biblical times, it was the Levitical priests (those in charge of the music), whom went out in front to lead in battle with praise through music.

We know how important music was in heaven when we look at the position Lucifer had when he was there. He was charged with the responsibility of being the ‘covering angel’. He was to be there to dwell eternally and encompass the heart of Heaven and its glory. Eventually, we know how the story ends, with Lucifer and a few angels were kicked out for believing he was just as beautiful and exalted.

In this same respect, we as ministers of music, must be aware of our place in worship and not to think too mighty of ourselves. At all times we must be in tune with the Holy Spirit and the direction He wants the service to go. Too many times I have seen worship leaders become too consumed with themselves and lose sight of their real purpose at that moment.

Looking at the church of today, the same is essential for us to prepare for the spiritual battle. Christian accompaniment tracks have provided a way for the church of God to do so in all four corners of the earth. Through the use of technology, digital songs can be downloaded for praise and worship, invitation to discipleship, and more. The state of a lot of churches is one without the gift of music. Many schools no longer have a music department, starving the community of future choir directors, organists, pianists, and drummers. The few that are able to thrive, end up playing in the secular realm, from clubs to the hip hop and R&B circuits. But, through the use of accompaniment tracks, that gap can be filled every Sunday morning. We now have no excuse for not sending His Word to the four corners of the earth so that all can have an opportunity at salvation.